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The Kumite Gi set (complete with both red and blue versions) is as competition-ready as it gets. First and foremost, it is World Karate Federation (WKF) approved, so check that box. And in that competitive spirit, the Kumite Gi is as powerful as it sounds.


  • Age: Adult
    Gender: Unisex, Men, and Women
    Product Line: Punok
    Martial Arts Style: Karate
    Uniform Material: Cotton Blend
    Uniform Style: Traditional
    Uniform Type: Complete Uniform
    Uniform Weight: Lightweight

  • Punok is a brand known for its extensive expertise in the dojo and on the competition mat. The development of the Kumite Karate uniform drew upon years of experience, creating a brand that has gained popularity. The main objective was to design a Kumite competition uniform that adheres to the mandatory regulations of the largest Karate governing body, the World Karate Federation (WKF).

    The Punok Karate uniforms were developed by experienced Dan holders and are suitable for Karate practitioners worldwide, whether they are beginners, advanced, or masters. WKF certification is often a prerequisite for participating in tournaments. Since 2023, the WKF has also made red and blue uniforms mandatory for competitions.

    Thanks to the excellent quality and appealing design of Punok Karate uniforms, practitioners can give their best performance in competitions while meeting the requirements of the WKF. Whether at the national or international level, Punok provides Karatekas with the assurance of wearing a recognized and high-quality competition uniform.

    • Official WKF certification:
      • Approval for Kumite tournaments following WKF/DKV regulations
      • Red and blue jackets mandatory since 2023
    • Kimono set: Two jackets (Uwagi) and one pair of pants (Zubon)
    • Sizes available from 160cm to 200cm
    • Mesh insert for breathability and comfort
    • Material: 100% Polyester
    • Care instructions: Suitable for machine washing at 30°C and ironing at medium temperature

    Discover suitable and certified Punok protective gear for Kumite in our shop!


    Size chart PUNOK uniforms

    Determine correct size


    Measure the body height without shoes from head to feet.


    160 cm 2
    170 cm 3
    180 cm 4
    190 cm 5
    200 cm 6


    Uniforms: Karate
    Karate-Style: Kumite
    Recognition: WKF
    Punok Uniform Size: 2 (160 cm)3 (170 cm)4 (180 cm)5 (190 cm)6 (200 cm)
    delivery weight: 2,50 kg
    Item weight: 1,50 kg
    Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 31,00 × 26,00 × 3,00 cm
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