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Get the most out of your gear bag with the new Punok Competition grade backpack. This bag is ideal for storing your uniform and sparring gear and is built with durability in mind.

With a volume of 80L, intelligently divided into four compartments, and every conceivable comfort, it leaves nothing to be desired so that it not only makes a good figure in martial arts but is also an indispensable companion for leisure and travel.



    Age: All Ages, Adult, and Youth
    Apparel Type: 
    Gender: Unisex, Men, and Women
    Product Line: Punok
    Martial Arts Style: Karate, Taekwondo, and Multiple

  • Main Features

    • Plenty of storage space: 80L volume, divided into four compartments
    • Padding: almost all walls are double-walled and padded - optimal protection for your equipment
    • Durable: made of extra durable synthetic fabric
    • Attractive design: with the WKF logo, not inconspicuous but not too playful either.
    • Bottle holder: sufficiently hydrated thanks to large bottle holder
    • Dimensions: width 42cm - height 64cm - depth 30cm
    • Volume: 80L

    Main compartment with Y-zip - The large main compartment is equipped with a Y-zip. Once opened, you can easily get to the equipment below without having to clean out the entire backpack. In this compartment, from shin guards to helmets, your entire protective equipment will find space. Of course, you can also open the zippers individually to gain access from a specific side. All walls of the compartment are padded and offer optimal protection for your equipment.

    Clothing and Laptop Compartment - In addition to the extra voluminous main compartment, there is a separate, flat compartment for your clothing. Whether Kumite-Gi, Kata-Gi or simple sportswear, folded everything fits in here easily. The zipper can be opened up to 270° so you don't have to stuff anything in but can put your clothes in relaxed. Like a suitcase, only more comfortable. This compartment is also suitable for transporting a laptop. Even very large devices with 17" and more find space without any problems. However, since the outer walls of this compartment are not padded, we recommend a separate sleeve for your laptop.

    Top compartment - a compartment sewn into the lid of the main compartment offers plenty of space for smaller items such as martial arts shoes , mat socks or belts.

    Side compartment - the side compartment is designed for small items such as keys, wallet or cell phones.

    Bottle holder - hydration is important, especially in martial arts. In addition to the ample volume, we have also thought of a cup holder. This is attached to the outside and of course just as generously sized so that, for example, standard 1.5L bottles fit comfortably inside. With an elastic band on the top, your drinks are held securely in place.

    Other Features

    Double padded walls - the walls of the backpack are mostly double-walled for extra durability and also have a sewn-in padding. Your gear is protected as light collisions, bumps and the like are cushioned.

    Hip belt - Thanks to the hip belt is not the whole weight on the shoulders but is distributed to the hips. This prevents premature fatigue of the shoulders. Shoulder the backpack and close the hip belt first. Then tighten the shoulder straps so that the center of the hip fins are approximately at the level of the iliac crest for optimal relief.
    The shoulder straps with hand eyelets and attachment rings are not only padded separately, but also give you the opportunity, for example, to hang a key.

    Reinforced carrying handle - The carrying handle at the top of the backpack is particularly robust so that you can easily carry even a full backpack without having to fear damage or rapid wear. It is also ergonomically designed for a comfortable carrying feeling, there is no unpleasant cutting into the fingers.

    Back padding with breathable mesh - the back section has an airy mesh structure over the padding for a comfortable feel. So you don't arrive at the race already sweaty.


    Backpack: Competition Backpack
    Recognition: WKF
    delivery weight: 1,20 kg
    Item weight: 1,20 kg
    Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 59,00 × 40,00 × 20,00 cm
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